About me


Well this is me, Brad, the owner of Justabloke Prosperity. Special thanks to my second youngest for the photo. I’ve been a passionate amateur trader and investor for some time now, as well as a rabid consumer of all things internet. To fulfill a long held desire to sack my boss I’ve decided to embark upon a business venture that involves taking some calculated risks. This website will document the things I’ve learned and will learn along the way.

I’ve invested heavily in training in preparation for this undertaking – the usual suspects – Foreign Exchange Trading, Share Market and Options Trading, advanced Real Estate Investment, and of course too many hours to count attending seminars on all kinds of internet-based money-making strategies.  I’ve also spent a mountain of money and time on my ‘head’. Please don’t judge my results by the photo. Whilst you can become educated quite easily, getting out of your own way can be the biggest challenge……..

Some things you might be interested to know about me. I’m ex-military, having served for 27 years in the Royal Australian Air Force. I joined as an apprentice and retired as a senior officer, so all in all I am happy with that achievement. I’ve continued my association with Defence as an Executive Level Public Servant, but now is the time to move on. Those apron strings need cutting some time.

These are my girls – yep, four daughters. You can now appreciate my motivation for breaking free of the ‘tradingThe girls with Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens time for money’ game that I’ve been playing for way too long. We love to travel and my goal is to generate sufficient passive income to allow us to explore the world in comfort and style. Plus there are going to be LOTS of expensive weddings!  I also hope that they gain some wisdom along the way and don’t wait as long as I did to create their dream lifestyles.




So, I hope you enjoy, and gain some benefit from the information I’ve assembled. My intention is to present what can be very dry and boring subject matter in as entertaining and relevant a fashion as possible. If you think I’ve failed let me know. If you think I’ve succeeded please tell a friend.

Enjoy the ride whatever your destination.