Welcome to My Website!

In these pages I have documented my travels and travails on the way to achieving my personal version of health, wealth and prosperity. I don’t claim to have answers for everyone, however I certainly found the answers for me……..and I think they would be relevant to a lot of others.

A little bit about the title. I’ve used the term ‘Justabloke‘ to distinguish myself from extraordinary people or experts. I don’t claim to be either – I’m just a bloke. Now, I realise that the term ‘bloke’ doesn’t enjoy universal usage, or indeed a single interpretation. Because this is my website I claim the right to interpret it as follows….

‘Bloke’ – <noun>; Australian slang for person, usually male.

To further clarify, I am saying that I am an ordinary man.

Therefore these pages chronicle the journey of an ordinary person along the path to true health, wealth and prosperity. Its been a journey of some 40+ years, and it hasn’t always been easy or fun. However, that journey has brought me to¬† a place in my life where I am enjoying absolute clarity about who I am, where I am and where I want to be, and most importantly, how I am going to get there.

You’ll notice the site is a work in progress – this is an absolute reflection of where I currently find myself. There is a saying that goes something like ‘it isn’t the destination that’s important, but the journey that takes you there’. Well I think that’s the message anyway. I used to be hung up on being rich, owning stuff, being the boss, being bigger and stronger etc etc. All of it meaningless and pointless without self-respect, dignity and happiness. I get it now! So I will let the site go live and add to it as I go because that makes me happy.

What will you find if you choose to trawl through the pages? Good question, well asked.

I’ve broken the site into sections appropriate to each of the dimensions of health and wealth – prosperity comes from a balance of both. There is also a blog where I will document my daily thoughts and experiences as I make my way towards my ultimate goal – happiness.